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National Ferry Corporation (National Ferry) was formed by several former executives of Circle Line – Statue of Liberty Ferry, Inc. (Circle Line) to provide maritime management consulting capabilities and advice in support of safe, secure and environmentally-friendly waterborne transportation. National Ferry is founded on a commitment to integrity and dedication to detail. We strive to become a leader in providing maritime support services that assist in protecting our environment and ensuring the safety, security and enjoyment of the traveling public.

Our Execuative Team

  • 1Kevin Moran Mr. Moran is a results-driven executive with twenty-five years of senior maritime management and consulting experience. His management style integrates proven industry practices with innovative technologies and management techniques, and has been honed over a long career as both a chief executive and independent consultant. [Click here for full resume]
  • 2Brian McMenamin Mr. McMenamin is a hands-on executive with extensive operational and financial management capabilities. Following the "what gets measured gets done" approach to management, he works directly with the operational components of all National Ferry business practice areas, and provides the leadership necessary to develop business tools and processes that assist companies achieve financial success.[Click here for full resume]
  • 3William Moran [Click here for full resume]


Dear Mr. Moran, On behalf of Commissioner Weinshall and the New York City Department of Transportation, please accept our sincere thanks for the assistance your firm provided to us in the immediate aftermath of the tragic accident involving a Staten Island ferryboat. Your prompt and unsolicited of your firm's resources is much appreciated. Your firm's unselfishness and professionalism exemplifies why the port of New York is the greatest in the nation. Thank you again for your assistance. Sincerely, Robert Grotell Deputy Commissioner [Click here for more]