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Maritime Goverment Services

NFC provides maritime contract support to local and federal governments on all types of waterborne transportation matters. Our experts are available to provide desktop modeling studies to test the viability of potential ferry markets, develop potential ferry network serving areas, ferry route design, port security studies, and environmental/emissions studies. NFC consultants have also developed sophisticated ferry reservation systems, point of sale and internet ticketing, and call center management on behalf of the Federal Government.


Maritime Security Consulting

NFC personnel have past experience and qualifications performing the duties as a licensed and qualified Facility Security Officer (FSO) as outlined within 33 CFR 105.205, United States Coast Guard, Department of Homeland can also provide the USCG with licensed and qualified Facility Security Officer's (FSO) to perform the duties as outlined within 33 CFR 105.205, United States Coast Guard, Department of Homeland Security, subchapter H-Maritime Security. FSO responsibilities include ensuring that the facility operates in compliance with the approved Facility Security Plan (FSP) at all times by planning and monitoring security sensitive information, assisting with personnel security processing, conducting periodic self inspections, overseeing implementation/completion of corrective action plans and investigating and reporting security violations to the USCG or its designated cognizant security agency.


Maritime Operations

NFC’s expert business advisors have a first-hand understanding of the many challenges faced by maritime companies. We leverage our extensive hands-on experience and professional capabilities to provide a cost-effective resource to small and mid-sized ferry operators for resolving sophisticated maritime operational issues.


Maritime Business Consulting

National Ferry ‘s award winning consultants have a long history of assisting distressed mid-market maritime companies in finding ways to minimize business risks and return to profitability.  We also assist in supporting a decision of business sale, merger, acquisition, or recapitalization.


NFC specialists are experienced in providing successful post-merger business integration support . Our dedicated professionals work on-site to help process the many changes associated with new acquisitions including business planning, accounting and finance, project management, workforce retention and integration, organizational/operational structure, and training.